Knowing the differences between Angular vs Angular JS

  • Angular is up to 5x faster than AngularJS because the data binding technique and component-based architecture are significantly superior in Angular.
  • Because Angular application components are self-contained and self-contained, they can be reused. It’s easy to replace, maintain, and measure the independent components.
  • AngularJS is a lot easier and faster to learn framework based on JavaScript.
  • Bi-directional data binding in AngularJS allows for faster and easier data binding without the need for developer interaction.
  • AngularJS allows for speedier prototyping and coding, resulting in a considerable reduction in development time.


In the battle for choosing Angular or AngularJS without a doubt, AngularJS wins. However, as applications become more complicated, it becomes necessary to employ the most recent version of Angular.



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Alen K.

Alen K.

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